Post-Hardcore/Screamo from Athens, Georgia

You Can Only Lead Me Here (EP) available now!

YCOLMH Review Quotes:

"All in all, this is a straight up screamo release. probably the most straight-forward, pissed, unrelenting screamo record i’ve heard in a long time."

-Madhause Music

“No reason not to spin it even while you’re brushing your teeth or something.”

-Corey Rennolds, BlackRoija

Contact: abaricad@yahoo.com

A pretty cool review from theburiedpassion. Check it out, and if you’ve yet todownload our EP, here’s a free link: http://www.mediafire.com/?gcbc9iyjo7c2kni 
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In all honesty i was hesitant at first when peering at my Itunes, seeing that abaricad’s EP, You Can Only Lead Me Here, rang in at a total of five minutes and forty five seconds. Do not get me wrong i enjoy a short song as much as the next punk rocker, but i usually find myself getting annoyed…

You Can Only Lead Me Here EP available for free download. Click here

Bryan and I spent friday night with our girlfriends at the Animal Collective/Atlas Sound show in Atlanta. Atlas Sound was absolutely wonderful. It would have been nice if they had the lawn open for laying & listening. Animal Collective had an awesome stage setup, with this crazy face in the background that had eyes that lit up with bizarre arrays of color. The gripe about Animal Collective was that they played primarily new stuff, and we weren’t so into that. Still a fun show. 

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Once again, thanks to anyone and everyone who has downloaded the EP. All we could ask is that you give it a listen, and the kind words that have accompanied the communication that we’ve had with those who have listened has made it a really great experience thus far.

We’re working on a limited run of cassettes. The prototypes were finished the other night and came out looking great, so we’ll have more info on that. They’ll probably be in a limited run of 30, sold primarily locally but possibly via paypal. 

Listen to more music. If you come across anything cool, let us know. New music is a blessing. 

Corey Rennolds writes reviews on RateYourMusic.com. He’s reviewed over 350 albums over the years, and it was really great having him share his thoughts on the EP. I decided to highlight the most flattering quotes below, so I can re-read this and blush.

"…this should appeal to anyone with a respect for music that isn’t afraid to be a bit dirty."

"If more bands would just get to the point with the same degree of balls-out aggression as abaricad does on their debut demo, I’d probably own a few more records."

"…it’s just five minutes of a screamo/pv assault…" 

"…it’s a demo that also demonstrates that the band knows the "forward" direction and will probably be heading down that way soon. They just had to get their feet wet first."

"No reason not to spin it even while you’re brushing your teeth or something."

You can check out the full review at the link provided below, as well as other reviews by Corey:

BlackRoija Reviews

If you don’t already have our EP and would like to give it a listen and tell us your thoughts, here’s a link to click on: 

Free Download of ‘You Can Only Lead Me Here’   

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Mendacity, You Can Only Lead Me Here

I Can Only Lead You There, You Can Only Lead Me Here